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“Discomforting. Distressing. Disturbing. These words often describe our initial reaction and reluctance to read and feel the horror of young people trapped in situations of sexual exploitation. Why? The topic is so unsettling, the truth so troubling. Sadly, it’s real. It’s prevalent. It’s also survivable! That is exactly why every teacher, caregiver, counselor, nurse, and neighbor must read the incredible words of One Story; Many Voices. Although within this masterpiece a similar tragic story plays out, real hope for those experiencing such dreadfulness is the author’s watchful eye, a listening ear, and a caring heart. The author’s incredible courage to surface these nightmares is assuaged by the hopefulness others, just like you, can provide. You never quite know who your influence touches and how profoundly; you just might save a life!”

– Dr. Tammy Heflebower, Ed.D, Author & Associate, Marzano Resources & Solution Tree, CEO !nspire Advisory & Consulting

About the author

Laurie Sammons

Laurie Sammons is a passionate educator who invested 45 years of her career as an elementary teacher, middle school English teacher, district curriculum specialist, youth center director, gymnastic coach, reading specialist, and adjunct college professor. For the last 15 years of her career, (2004-2019) she was a national consultant for a premier professional development company delivering site-based training to administrators and teacher teams all across the United States and in eight foreign countries. The major focus of her work has included strategic planning, collaborative leadership, and best practice instructional strategies employed to engage students across academic disciplines, age groups, and varied cognitive abilities. In addition to writing several educational publications, she is co-author of the book Handbook for Unstoppable Learning (2018) and a contributing author of a book written by gerontologist Lori Campbell, Awaken Your Age Potential; Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers (2012).

Through Laurie’s intimate work with youth and families in communites, schools and numerous mission trips to developing countries, she and her family have been keenly awakened to the many acts of sexual exploitation, bullying, suicide, and other matters of domestic violence, which led to the writing of this book.

Laurie and her husband, Hank, enjoy travel, golfing, and music of all genres. They have five adult children and 17 grandchildren. They are residents of Southwest Florida and spend summers with their families spread far and wide from the beautiful hills of West Virginia to the rolling plains of North Dakota and the vineyards of France.

About the co-author

Christy Ivie

Christy Ivie founded Christy’s Cause in 2015 and leads the organization, bringing over 14 years of experience in strategy development and operations management in both profit and nonprofit sectors. Her experience has given her expertise in strategic planning, project management, construction management, business coaching, business startup, and business turnaround.

“I’ve always known I would use my childhood story to reach out and help children who are at-risk of sexual exploitation by the hands of traffickers,” Christy said. “I am excited to be a part of a unique and growing nonprofit organization that brings hope to an otherwise desperate and dark situation.”

Christy is passionate about life and exudes hope and positivity. Her life motto has become “freedom fighter,” which she lives out through the vision of Christy’s Cause.

Christy’s Cause works to eradicate child sex trafficking and exploitation through education, awareness, restoration projects, and justice initiatives.


One Story Many Voices employs the courageously lived experience of survivors to provide an effective roadmap of responses and prevention.

– Alan Wilkett, Pasco Sheriff’s Office Retired Corporal 




As author, social worker, and expert on courage and vulnerability Brene Brown said, “Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.” The experiences shared in One Story, Many Voices, are heartbreaking, raw, infuriating, and often beyond our understanding. However, they are also stories of courage, resilience, and vulnerability that have the power to make our world a little braver as Brene Brown said. Each story shared is an opportunity for the reader to better understand a child who has survived sex crimes while learning how to advocate for children in healthy and trauma-informed ways. The second portion of One Story, Many Voices provides illuminating insight into childhood trauma, and how it can have lasting negative effects on a survivor’s health and wellbeing while placing them at higher risk for future victimization. The reader will hear from “first-responders,” experts in the fields of anti sex trafficking and exploitation in law enforcement, education, and healthcare, who are doing the hard and often thankless work of advocating on behalf of children and adolescents who have survived unspeakable sexual abuse, and will learn about the different therapeutic modalities that have proven effective in treating the mental health challenges experienced by survivors. The second half of One Story, Many Voices also serves to educate every adult, whether a parent/guardian, caregiver, teacher, nurse, or doctor, on effective strategies to protect children from sexual predators, and implores every person to advocate for the welfare of children and adolescents. One Story, Many Voices will leave readers feeling connected, inspired, and empowered to join in the collective fight to make our world, our society, and our communities a safer, kinder, and more equitable place for our children.

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Proceeds of the book will be donated to organizations whose mission is to eradicate child sex trafficking and exploitation through education, awareness, restoration projects, and justice initiatives.


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